Private Tuition

We really encourage folk to join our jams and classes in order to learn rope. However sometimes schedules don’t always align, and sometimes people prefer to have focused one-on-one teaching to work on particular topics or hone in on a particular skill.

For this reason we also offer private tuition at Anatomie Studio. Our rate is £55/hour or £150/3 hours with Anna, and £65/hour with Fred (Fred only takes on advanced students). We teach in our studio and can cover everything from complete beginner rope to advanced suspension techniques.

If we are not able to accommodate your requests or align schedules, we can recommend other teachers who may be able to.

To book a lesson, email us at

What happens in a lesson?

A private lesson is a taught one-on-one class where the teacher demonstrates and explain concepts and ties and supervises/corrects your work.

You must bring a partner to tie for a private lesson (unless this is specifically a lesson on self-tying / self-suspension). If you do not have a partner you can bring, we can recommend a couple of models who may be available to work with you (at an additional fee).

You do not need to bring ropes or any equipment to the lesson.

What does NOT happen in a lesson?

A lesson is not a rope ‘session’ (i.e. the teacher will not tie you or give you a ‘rope experience’ or dominate you). In a lesson, the teacher does not tie you or take photos of you, or get tied by you.

If you are looking to get tied (or dominated) by a professional we can recommend someone that provides this service. If you are looking to get tied and/or have photos taken of you in rope please specify this in the email – if we cannot do it, we can put you in touch with people who can do this.

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