Welcome to the UK’s first and only full-time shibari studio!

Girl tied up with flowers

Anatomie Studio provides a nesting place for the London rope and shibari community to interact, exchange, examine, create, experiment and develop. The space boasts wooden suspension beams and mats throughout.

How to learn rope? Click here.

What are our rope jams like? Click here.

Want to get tied? Read this.

About suspensions in the studio, read here.

Recommended readings:

– Clover’s Rope Bottming Guide (Free PDF)
– The Little Guide to Getting Tied Up by Evie Vane (£7.99 on Amazon)
– Miumi-U teaches Japanese Shibari (£8 from ShibariStore)

Here, you will find a calm, friendly and safe haven to discover and explore the practice of rope and shibari. At Anatomie you are able to enjoy weekly rope practice jams and socials, shibari classes, and performance evenings.

For more information about our regular events, check the ‘What’s on‘ tab.

Anatomie is an inclusive community-focused project, providing a clean and affordable venue for the rope community in London and beyond.

Everyone is welcome.