Prices, Info, Etiquette

Cash (Pounds or Euro), Cards, PayPal and Bitcoin accepted.

  • Tuesday and Thursday Evening Jams (7pm – 11pm): £7 per person
  • Sensations and Semenawa Jam (7pm-1am): £10 per person
  • The Big Jam (1pm-9pm): £12 per person
  • Monthly Mini-Classes (7pm-10pm): £25 per person


  • Please help us keep the space clean and enjoyable for all, things like cleaning up after yourself and respecting others around you take little effort and go a long way
  • Unless otherwise stated (during special evening jams), photos are allowed as long as you have explicit permission to do so (please avoid getting other people in the background)
  • Some jams will be silent jams, and on those evenings we will ask to keep voices and volume low
  • This is a rope space, rope play is welcome, as are blindfolds and light impact

Dress code

  • Anything you feel comfortable with for doing rope in, yoga attire and bare skin are usually comfortable choices