The Suspended Body – Miss Eris and Maya Homerton return to London!

Hi all!

We are super excited to officially announce the return of Eris and Maya to the studio for a full weekend workshop at the end of February.


Since their last workshop in London (October 2016), we have received fantastic feedback from both bottoms and riggers about their class, and we have received numerous requests (both from inside and outside the UK!) to bring them back to the studio.

You asked, we listened!

About Miss Eris and Maya Homerton

If you remember, Miss Eris is a rope teacher and performer who has been immersed in the European rope scene since 2012. Her background as a model and rigger puts her in a unique place to understand both sides of tying. She has attended events and workshops by almost every well-known Japanese and European riggers such as Kazami Ranki, Hajime Kinoko, Akira Naka, Kanna, Ottonawa, Miumi-u, Gorgone, Yagami Ren.

Being one of the smallest riggers in the world, Miss Eris‘ entire rope experience consists of tying taller and heavier models than her. This has made her develop a style based on providing comfort (for both herself and her models) during dynamic and challenging transitions. She has also developed her own techniques to be able to move and suspend heavier and taller bodies than her almost effortlessly and creatively.

As for the incredible Maya Homerton, she is a very well known international rope model and performer with several years of experience tying with some of the very best riggers in the world (such as Kinoko, Gorgone, Pedro, Wykd Dave). Her diverse background experience as a model for photoshoots, rope lessons, video shoots, shibari performances and workshops establishes her as one of the top professional models in the European and international shibari scenes.

Maya is a dedicated yoga practitioner, which influences all aspects of her life. Her body awareness inside and outside of ropes means she helps her riggers develop a better understanding of body management and body mechanics.

About the workshop

The workshop will be ideal for those who want to perfect their suspension skills and learn a different TK (the Kazami TK) and hip harness (the Gorgone hip harness) from the ones you may have learned in the studio. This will also be extremely important for rope bottoms, as both Miss Eris and Maya have extensive experience in rope bottoming.

We cannot recommend learning from these two highly enough!

Event listing and ticket release

Tickets will be released to the mailing list Wednesday February 8th at 8pm. Tickets for the general public will be available Thursday February 9th at 8pm. The ticket link will be released to the mailing list first (see here for details). To sign up to the mailing list, email ‘Subscribe’ to

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Facebook event listing here.

Ropey Halloween at Anatomie Studio!

Join us this Friday for a playful evening of ropes with Miss Eris and Maya Homerton a all the way from Spain!

Kinbaku After Dark is our monthly rope play evening (meaning there is no teaching of any kind and the evening is dedicated for playfulness with ropes rather than rope practice).

This month we have the pleasure to host two wonderful ladies who will be putting on two short Halloween themed rope shows to kick start the night! First Miss Eris will be performing with the luscious Maya Homerton, and then Miss Eris will be tying one our (fairly tall and muscular male) regulars at the studio! How does a 5’2 rigger suspend a 6’2 man in the air? Come find out!

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Miss Eris and Maya Homerton are also teaching a very fabulous workshop on Saturday (1-7pm) called The Suspended Body where they will be teaching techniques for efficient and intelligent suspensions and suspension transitions. There will be lots of information on body management for both riggers and bottoms in order to achieve comfortable and smooth suspensions.


Event listing here.
Ticket link here.

The Suspended Body (Workshop)

How do get your partner in the air in a way that is smart, elegant, comfortable and efficient? And how to do you bring them down smoothly? How do you transition your partner in a logical and effective way? Importantly, how do you manipulate their body’s on the ground and in the air in a comfortable and energy efficient manner?

This and more is what Eris and Maya are proposing to offer in this one day workshop!

Event listing here.


Measuring in at slightly under 160cm tall, and weighing less than 45 kg, Eris‘ entire rigging experience is based on tying people larger and heavier than herself. She has therefore become one the most experienced riggers at tying people much larger than herself! The smallest model she has ever tied is Gorgone. Through this, Eris has developed many techniques to manager her own energy levels to tie, making her a unique resource in the current rope scene.

Maya‘s yoga background makes one of the most body aware models we can think of, and her vast experience inside the ropes means she has accumulated a lot of tips and tricks to navigate her body in suspension and in suspension and transitions. In the workshop she will be sharing her modelling knowledge!

Together, Eris and Maya make an exciting and knowledgeable rope duo, which is sure to make this workshop one very unique experience!

This is super opportunity to home in on your suspension skills and transitions skills. Lots of fantastic info for riggers and bottoms, including lots of body movement & body management information. There will also a lot of information about efficiency, comfort and conserving energy with smooth ways of bringing a body into suspension and also taking the body down smoothly back down from the air!

Please make sure you meet the pre-requisites before booking, thank you!

Event listing here.
Ticket link here.