Anatomie Studio Rope Calendar 2016!

We are very excited to bring you Anatomie’s first ever Rope Calendar 2016!

In August 2015 we asked some of our most regular members then if they would like to submit photos for a rope calendar for the studio. Of course now that the studio has grown and more people have become regulars since, the calendar represents only but a small fraction of the beautiful people and rope that we see week after week in these four walls.

Those we have asked to be a part of the calendar have gone above and beyond to create stunning images that capture the variety of shapes, emotions, connections and artistry that is possible through rope. We are extremely grateful to everyone who has participated and we cannot thank you enough for your support, time and creativity.

Rope suspension 'crucifixion'
Calendar teaser image… Rope by Fred • Modelled by Anna • Photo by Dave

None of the images in the calendar will be published online, so you’ll have to wait to see it in print!

The calendar will be available to purchase early December and will cost £12.

Details on how to purchase our calendar coming soon.