Go from total beginner to partial suspensions with us in June!


Ease your way into suspension this June!

In June, you can book into the Takate Kote (evening crash course) on June 13th and go straight into Levelling Up on June 16-17.

Levelling  Up is the second course in our foundational course series created by Anna Bones and Fred Hatt of Anatomie Studio. There are 3 courses in total. In Course 2 we cover partial suspensions!

Tickets are available for ‘Levelling Up’ (Course 2) here.
(password: ReadyToLevelUp)

And for ‘Fly! Intro to Suspension’ (Course 3) over here.
(password: ReadyToFly!)

For a complete list of all our workshops, see here.

Fly! Intro to Suspension : Learn the art of shibari suspension with Fred Hatt & Anna Bones!

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 16.07.59

Want to learn the art of shibari suspensions from one of the best in Europe?
Join us in August!

Studio owners Fred and Anna have been tying together since 2013 and regularly teach & perform inside and outside the UK.

Their foundational classes at Anatomie Studio are unparalleled in terms of the depth, detail and technical information offered. Their classes focus as much on the ‘how’ as well as the ‘why’ behind everything they do in rope. Fred and Anna work as a team so their classes have as much information for riggers as they do for rope bottoms.

Their teaching style has been described as compassionate, approachable, extremely detailed and bottom aware.

For more information about Fred and Anna see their website here:

For more details about the workshop’s program including pre-requisites please see our Facebook listing here.

To book onto this weekend workshop, it’s right over here.
For a complete list of all our workshops, see here.

‘Bones and Rope’ Hip Harness Video (2016)

In 2014 studio owners Fred and Anna released a video of the first version of the Bones & Rope hip harness. For the last year they have been promising people an updated version of the new hip harness, and finally here it is! The video includes multiple variations of the harness.

About the ‘Bones and Rope’ hip harness

The Bones & Rope hip harness is a modular harness designed for suspension and dynamic transitions.

Its key innovations are:

1) Doubled/reinforced stem and leg ‘branches’ for non-tightening leg loops
2) Modular design that can be adapted to different bodies

About the updated video

In this new video we present updated variations on the Bones & Rope hip harness.

The harness has two components:

– a ‘one rope’ component making up the skeleton of the harness
– a ‘two rope’ component for extra support to the hips.

The ‘one rope’ versions are fast to tie and can be used in suspension, but they give less support than the ‘two rope’ versions.


This video is not a tutorial, it is a demonstration.

We do not explain how to tie the harness, explain tensioning or frictioning. We also do no explain how to extend ropes, how to deal with left-over ropes or how to attach suspension mainlines.

Please do not attempt suspension rope bondage suspension without in person tuition.

For rope bondage classes in London, please check our studio’s website: www.anatomiestudio.com.

Stay safe and consensual!

Ropey Halloween at Anatomie Studio!

Join us this Friday for a playful evening of ropes with Miss Eris and Maya Homerton a all the way from Spain!

Kinbaku After Dark is our monthly rope play evening (meaning there is no teaching of any kind and the evening is dedicated for playfulness with ropes rather than rope practice).

This month we have the pleasure to host two wonderful ladies who will be putting on two short Halloween themed rope shows to kick start the night! First Miss Eris will be performing with the luscious Maya Homerton, and then Miss Eris will be tying one our (fairly tall and muscular male) regulars at the studio! How does a 5’2 rigger suspend a 6’2 man in the air? Come find out!

Get your tickets here


Miss Eris and Maya Homerton are also teaching a very fabulous workshop on Saturday (1-7pm) called The Suspended Body where they will be teaching techniques for efficient and intelligent suspensions and suspension transitions. There will be lots of information on body management for both riggers and bottoms in order to achieve comfortable and smooth suspensions.


Event listing here.
Ticket link here.

The Suspended Body (Workshop)

How do get your partner in the air in a way that is smart, elegant, comfortable and efficient? And how to do you bring them down smoothly? How do you transition your partner in a logical and effective way? Importantly, how do you manipulate their body’s on the ground and in the air in a comfortable and energy efficient manner?

This and more is what Eris and Maya are proposing to offer in this one day workshop!

Event listing here.


Measuring in at slightly under 160cm tall, and weighing less than 45 kg, Eris‘ entire rigging experience is based on tying people larger and heavier than herself. She has therefore become one the most experienced riggers at tying people much larger than herself! The smallest model she has ever tied is Gorgone. Through this, Eris has developed many techniques to manager her own energy levels to tie, making her a unique resource in the current rope scene.

Maya‘s yoga background makes one of the most body aware models we can think of, and her vast experience inside the ropes means she has accumulated a lot of tips and tricks to navigate her body in suspension and in suspension and transitions. In the workshop she will be sharing her modelling knowledge!

Together, Eris and Maya make an exciting and knowledgeable rope duo, which is sure to make this workshop one very unique experience!

This is super opportunity to home in on your suspension skills and transitions skills. Lots of fantastic info for riggers and bottoms, including lots of body movement & body management information. There will also a lot of information about efficiency, comfort and conserving energy with smooth ways of bringing a body into suspension and also taking the body down smoothly back down from the air!

Please make sure you meet the pre-requisites before booking, thank you!

Event listing here.
Ticket link here.

On suspensions in the studio

Hi all,

The level of rope in the studio has been increasing tremendously over the last year and this is really exciting to see. There are so many people doing beautiful, sexy, safe rope, and we can see personal styles and dynamics evolving from week to week. This makes it so rewarding for us to witness, and we’re so proud of this growing community!

As a result, there are now also more people incorporating suspension as part of their rope practice/play in the studio, and some really amazing stuff is happening as a result, only a thimble of this makes its way into photos, so it’s one of those things you just have to witness for yourselves by perving over the balcony at Anatomie Studio 😉

However… we’ve also noticed a bit of a trend lately in people who have not been to classes or with not much rope experience trying their hand at attaching lines and suspending (perhaps they are inspired by the wonderful things they are seeing at the jams?)

Our philosophy on this is very much one of ‘personal responsibility’ – there’s a writing on the wall with a disclaimer and information about suspension, we provide resources and information all over the studio about rope, safety and anatomy, and we put together regular classes and workshops to disseminate information as much as possible – which means we usually keep an eye out at jams but we’re pretty hands off about telling people what they should and shouldn’t be doing. If it looks consensual and isn’t unsafe (even if it looks misguided or isn’t how we would do it/teach it ourselves), we don’t intervene.

But when people who do not know how to suspend start locking off up-lines to points – no matter how innocuous the situation might be – what happens is that those of us who run and help out at the studio have to allocate all of our energy into keeping an eye out, and in being ready to intervene if something does go wrong. This becomes very difficult to do if several people are doing this all at once, and it becomes even harder if some of us are tying/being tied.

As you may have noticed we don’t operate the studio by policing behaviour or scenes, there is not ‘crew’, no hierarchy in the studio. Instead we count on common sense, respect, personal responsibility and consent. We find this creates a positive atmosphere of openness, sharing and community that we absolutely love in the studio.

… And we would really like to keep it that way! ❤

So how can you help? It’s easy : if you have not been to a class or workshop or taken private tuition on how to suspend, please do not suspend in the studio. Go to a class or get some 1-on-1 tuition, getting started towards learning to suspend costs as little at £25 (for a 2 rope TK class).

Picking up a few tricks at rope jams is really awesome and you will learn so much that way, but not regarding how to suspend. The reason we ask people to learn suspension in a class/workshop/private tuition context is because this means your harnesses and lock-off have been (in principle) personally supervised, assessed and checked by a teacher. There are no qualifications in our field, no certifications, no degrees, so asking for this as a minimum requirement for suspending someone else in the space is the best measure we currently have to ensure safety.

We don’t want people to be afraid of suspensions, suspensions are popular for a reason, they’re challenging and also incredibly fun. What we do want is for people to acknowledge that suspension is edge-play, that it can be dangerous, that it can lead to injuries. Therefore it is an activity that should be treated with respect, and that should be learned and practiced.

Unlike many other high risk activities, when you tie, it is not (just) your own physical and emotional well-being that is at stake, but someone else’s – sometimes it’s someone you love, someone it’s someone you barely know.

Anatomie Studio isn’t just a space, its our home, so we care deeply about what happens in the studio – we have invested in insurance for aerial work, we have hired a structural engineer to assess our beams are safe, we do our homework about how to create a space that feels safe. If we have to start telling people they can’t suspend in order to preserve this… we will do it.

But we would really rather not!

Thank you for reading this and thank you in advance for your cooperation ❤

And lest you forget… most of the fun happens on the floor, with a single rope, and with no knots at all… !!

Self-Suspended Dolls & Zombie Ropes

Some days we ditch the mop bucket and rope treating for creative fun with ropes and cameras. This was one such day a few weeks ago when the amazing multi-talented Kissmedeadly Doll came for a short flash visit to our studio.

It had been a long time since we played with self-suspension and it was nice to get back into it thanks to Kissmedeadly Doll. Thank you!


Photography by Kissmedeadly Doll • Models are Kissmedeadly Doll & Anna Bones • Camera Operator and Creative Assistance by Sophia.

Photography by Kissmedeadly Doll • Model Anna Bones • Twine bondage by Photography by Kissmedeadly Doll & Sophia.

Osada Ryu workshop with Barkas next week!

Hi all! There are currently three places left for our upcoming Osada Ryu workshop with Barkas happening next week!

13086743_1713456498937205_1817878037350003834_o (2)

This is a rare opportunity to learn Osada Ryu style rope and suspension in London – Barkas just happened to be travelling through Europe, had one free weekend to teach, and we were fast enough to snatch him! 🙂

This will also be the last two day suspension focused workshop of 2016.

Barkas is an absolutely fantastic teacher, he is one of the most sought after rope presenters out there, regularly travels the world for workshops and performances, and also regularly travels to Japan to visit and learn from his teacher Osada Steve.

So if you’re on the fence… don’t be!

Event listing & ticket link here.

Barkas will also be available for privates on the Friday before the workshop – for bookings, drop us a line at anatomie.studio@gmail.com.

From Ground to Air : summer class bundle!

We are excited to announce that this summer we are offering a class bundle for all three classes taught by studio owners Fred & Anna this June & July:

‘Introduction to the Takate Kote’ (June 29th) | Event Listing Here.Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 12.07.51
‘The Third Rope’ (July 3rd) | Event Listing Here.The Third Rope 2016 (3)
‘Fly! Intro to Suspension’ (July 30th & 31st) | Event Listing Here.Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 17.31.57

The bundle ticket is £200 per couple (instead of £245 by booking classes individually).

For those booking into ‘Fly! Intro to Suspension’, keep in mind you will get a lot more from it by being well versed with a solid structural third rope!

Ticket link for the bundle can be found here.

For questions please get in touch! 🙂