Student review – “Learning the Ropes, Kink Classes at Anatomie Studio”

Wonderful review of our last ‘So You Want To Get Tied?’ class by one of the attendees! Read the full writing here!

“The workshop was described as being for beginners (but open to others with greater levels of experience also) so in the interactive discussions that followed we heard from many different perspectives – I’d expected the attendees to be mostly bottoms and submissives but there were several switches present, as well as some tops/riggers who wanted to explore the other side of the dynamic to inform their rigging approach or for their own personal journeys.

Anna was a very engaging presenter, whose own experience as a rope bottom and lately a rigger, allowed her to bring the material to life with anecdotes and experiences she was generous about sharing.”

“There were few firm ‘do’ and ‘don’t’ lessons – rather than saying “never do this”, the focus was on educating ourselves to be able to make informed decisions about our own appetite for risk and respecting the boundaries of others.”

Full article here.


Kinoko Hajime’s first workshop at Anatomie! What a week!

For this past week, we’ve had the great pleasure to welcome world renown shibari artist Kinoko Hajime from Japan to our studio! Workshop tickets were released in September and sold out within 38 seconds, establishing a new record for us!

On the last day, participants created a gigantic web of ropes with Kinoko’s guidance and help – a trademark of his workshops and of his work as a rope artist.

Participants were photographed and video’d inside the ropes, looking like a freeze frame of suspended dolls. The scene was wonderful to behold and was the perfect finale to the intense 4 days of classes and performances.


Photo by Anna Bones.

Fly! Intro to Suspension : Learn the art of shibari suspension with Fred Hatt & Anna Bones!

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 16.07.59

Want to learn the art of shibari suspensions from one of the best in Europe?
Join us in August!

Studio owners Fred and Anna have been tying together since 2013 and regularly teach & perform inside and outside the UK.

Their foundational classes at Anatomie Studio are unparalleled in terms of the depth, detail and technical information offered. Their classes focus as much on the ‘how’ as well as the ‘why’ behind everything they do in rope. Fred and Anna work as a team so their classes have as much information for riggers as they do for rope bottoms.

Their teaching style has been described as compassionate, approachable, extremely detailed and bottom aware.

For more information about Fred and Anna see their website here:

For more details about the workshop’s program including pre-requisites please see our Facebook listing here.

To book onto this weekend workshop, it’s right over here.
For a complete list of all our workshops, see here.

“Beyond Levels” : tackling the issue of mixed levels in workshops and the self-assessment subjectivity problem

In order to tackle the issue of mixed levels in workshops we decided soon after opening Anatomie Studio to work with pre-requisites rather than levels (i.e. intermediate, advanced, etc) for workshops happening in the space.

So far we are extremely pleased with this method and have experienced more homogeneous cohorts in our workshops.

We’ve been asked by several people to publish examples of the pre-requisites we use and how we phrase them, so that’s what this writing is.


What does this mean?

This means that belong ‘beginners’ we don’t use terms like ‘intermediate’ or ‘advanced’ as there is a large degree if subjectivity in how people self-asses their rope skills (whether rigging or bottoming).

Instead we list the knowledge (theoretical or practical) that attendees should gave before attending the workshop, much like we list the items (ropes, gear, clothing) that attendees should bring to the workshop.

Pre-requisites are listed for rope bottoms and riggers.

I should mention that the pre-requisites are not enforced – meaning that we don’t actually go around checking if people are being honest about meeting the pre-requisites – we assume people are informed adults that will take on the responsibility of meeting them before the class.

We use the Takate Kote (here on after referred to as ‘TK’) as a standard measure of skill for both rope bottoms and rigger regardless of whether workshops are Takate Kote based.

Are there disadvantages?

Because pre-requisites are not enforced there is always a risk that some people will not have met the pre-requisites for the workshop.

Anatomie Studio Pre-requisites for Workshops and Classes

These are the pre-requisite combinations that we currently use in the studio.

1 – No pre-requisites for riggers or models
 [for example: for our Discover Shibari classes]

2 – Riggers: must know a non-collapsible single column tie / Bottoms: must know the difference between nerve and circulation impingement, and must be able to give appropriate feedback [for example: for our Takate Kote class]

3 – Riggers: must know to tie a structural TK2 taught in a class, workshop or private tuition 
/ Bottoms: same as above plus should be comfortable being tied in a TK [for example: for our Third Rope class]

4 – Riggers: must know a structured TK3 and how to attach mainlines taught in a class, workshop or private tuition 
/ Bottoms: same as above plus should be comfortable being suspended from a TK [for example: for our Fly! Intro to Suspension class]

5 – Riggers: must be comfortable suspending from a structured TK2 or TK3 and comfortable with suspension line management taught in a class, workshop or private tuition 
/ Bottoms: same as above [for example: for our Fly More! Intro to Transitions class]

6 – Riggers: must be comfortable/proficient with suspension transitions from a TK2 or TK3 taught in a class, workshop or private tuition 
/ Bottoms: must be experienced with suspension transitions (including being self-aware and have good body management skills), must also be able to give appropriate feedback [for example: for Pedro’s ‘Bamboo and Shibari’ workshop]

Shibari Classes and Courses – Round 2 starts in June!

Your journey into rope starts here!


In 2017 we have introduced the possibility to take our classes as part of courses and to complete the courses you can book the classes individually as you feel ready for them, or as part of a bundle!

Our first round of our shibari courses starts in June.

If you’ve previously taken our Takate Kote then you might want to join our Third Rope class this Sunday June 4th if you’re interested in heading towards suspension, or you might like to join our Shapes class on June 11th if you want explore more rope possibilities on the floor.

If you’re brand new and want to get started at the very beginning, there’s a Discover Shibari class on June 25th which cover all the basics of technique and play.

Neither the Takate Kote or Discover Shibari classes have pre-requisites so you can start on either of our two courses by booking into one of them. There is no rope, no experience required for these two classes and you can book with a partner/friend or book an individual ticket (you’ll be able to pair up with another attendee on the day).

These are the two courses we offer:

• The Basic Shibari Course is comprised of 3 classes:

The Takate Kote
The Third Rope
Fly! Intro to Suspension

The Complete Shibari Course is comprised of 6 classes. You can complete the course by booking the classes individually or as a bundle.

• Discover Shibari
The Takate Kote
The Third Rope
Fly! Intro to Suspension
Fly! Suspension & Transitions

For more information and tickets, it’s right over here!

See you soon!

For enquiries and questions, email us at

Photography and Shibari workshop and exhibition!

After numerous requests we have finally put together a dedicated photography and shibari workshop so come learn to capture the aesthetics of rope through the lens with Nawa DarkShibari and his model Kitty Rea!

Shibari Photography Workshop

Portfolio Photos for Classes on Website

DarkShibari is already well known within the rope community for his exquisite photography, capturing ties and people. His compelling visual creations come from his background as a professional photographer and his dedication to shibari. This is the first opportunity to learn from this well established photographer as he has only recently decided to start teaching.

More about DarkShibari and his work at:

His model, Kitty Rea, has been passionate about rope ever since she can remember, but began modelling for photography and stage performance three years ago. She has had the opportunity to perform with DarkShibari, Nina Russ, Isabelle Hanikamu, Maxim Kalahari and to bring incredible imagery to life, together with amazing local photographers. Together, Kitty and DarkShibari have been partners in crime for over 3 years.

More about Kitty Rea at:

Shibari Photography Exhibition & Social

Additionally to the workshop we are opening the studio on May 13th – the evening before the workshop – for a photography exhibition and social! There will be drinks and the prints will be available for purchase. The evening is open to complete newcomers as well as the aficionados. Come socialise, ask questions, do rope and meet the man behind the lens.

Event listing here.
Free RSVP ticket here.

DarkShibari exhibition May 2017

Discover Shibari with us this April!

New or new-ish to rope? Want to learn the fundamentals of shibari? Then Come discover it with us next Sunday April 9th in our bright, positive, friendly environment!


From its origins and history, to human anatomy and body mechanics, to learning the ABC’s of rope handling and flow, this class is designed to get your creative juices flowing and inspire you body, mind and soul. Learn to connect with your partner in ropes, learn to handle and manipulate the body, and learn to tie all the basic shibari patterns as well as how to freestyle in rope!

No rope. No partner. No experience needed!

Our “Discover Shibari” sessions are full-day hands-on classes taught to you by our Anatomie ‘House Cats’ and are a culmination of over one and a half years of collective experience and learning from teaching beginners during our Thursday beginner rope jams. This class is a true reflection of the spirit and modern approach to rope we have in the studio and the program has a strong influence from the many wonderful presenters that have passed through our doors and also presenters we have learned from abroad.

Our first ever class is taking place on April 9th, and tickets are half gone already.
Information, program, tickets over here.

Anatomie’s FredHatt & Anna Bones in Rotterdam!

Anatomie founders and teachers Fred and Anna will be in Rotterdam this upcoming weekend to teach a shibari workshop!

They will be focusing on exploring the Four Elements (air, water, fire, earth) and teaching ties that evoke those elements in terms of their aesthetics, intentions, feelings.

There will be lots of technical details as well as lots of information for bottoms and details about body in ropes/body management. Fred and Anna’s teaching style is technical, playful and focused on partnership. They can adapt ties to different levels.

More details & full program (including shapes and ties) here.
Ticket link is over here

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 12.07.08

The Suspended Body – Miss Eris and Maya Homerton return to London!

Hi all!

We are super excited to officially announce the return of Eris and Maya to the studio for a full weekend workshop at the end of February.


Since their last workshop in London (October 2016), we have received fantastic feedback from both bottoms and riggers about their class, and we have received numerous requests (both from inside and outside the UK!) to bring them back to the studio.

You asked, we listened!

About Miss Eris and Maya Homerton

If you remember, Miss Eris is a rope teacher and performer who has been immersed in the European rope scene since 2012. Her background as a model and rigger puts her in a unique place to understand both sides of tying. She has attended events and workshops by almost every well-known Japanese and European riggers such as Kazami Ranki, Hajime Kinoko, Akira Naka, Kanna, Ottonawa, Miumi-u, Gorgone, Yagami Ren.

Being one of the smallest riggers in the world, Miss Eris‘ entire rope experience consists of tying taller and heavier models than her. This has made her develop a style based on providing comfort (for both herself and her models) during dynamic and challenging transitions. She has also developed her own techniques to be able to move and suspend heavier and taller bodies than her almost effortlessly and creatively.

As for the incredible Maya Homerton, she is a very well known international rope model and performer with several years of experience tying with some of the very best riggers in the world (such as Kinoko, Gorgone, Pedro, Wykd Dave). Her diverse background experience as a model for photoshoots, rope lessons, video shoots, shibari performances and workshops establishes her as one of the top professional models in the European and international shibari scenes.

Maya is a dedicated yoga practitioner, which influences all aspects of her life. Her body awareness inside and outside of ropes means she helps her riggers develop a better understanding of body management and body mechanics.

About the workshop

The workshop will be ideal for those who want to perfect their suspension skills and learn a different TK (the Kazami TK) and hip harness (the Gorgone hip harness) from the ones you may have learned in the studio. This will also be extremely important for rope bottoms, as both Miss Eris and Maya have extensive experience in rope bottoming.

We cannot recommend learning from these two highly enough!

Event listing and ticket release

Tickets will be released to the mailing list Wednesday February 8th at 8pm. Tickets for the general public will be available Thursday February 9th at 8pm. The ticket link will be released to the mailing list first (see here for details). To sign up to the mailing list, email ‘Subscribe’ to

More information here

Facebook event listing here.