Great lesson last night, thanks. I got really good value from it, it was perfectly pitched for me and really helped my understanding. (May 2016)

[…] thank you for the great class at Anatomie last night. I will definitely be back! [..]I really love the discovery of your place and will be back February for sure. Told a mate about it straightaway last night, she’s coming with me. More recruits! (January 2016)

[…] Anatomie has given the London rope community a massive shot in the arm and that is only after 6 months. Imagine the impact another year down the line! For me personally, it has increased my rope skill by a factor of 4 at least and I end with huge acknowledgement to you both and an even bigger thanks! […] (December 2015)

Thank you for being such an amazing, safe space! And so vital to my development! And everyone is so lovely xxxx  (December 2015)

Being honest is one of the best studios with a open view about the Shibari scene in London also one of the best in Europe. Good, healthy environment, safe, friendly, positive ambient, spaceful, well organize, serious in business, totally recommendable for workshops, general events, meeting, jam, photo/video shoot or any kind of artistic activity with good natural light, good equipment, different spaces to enjoy everything. I’m very happy I have been there and definitely will come back every time I come to London, always with something interesting going on. I wish all the best and that all the events are successful! 🙂 (November 2015)

[…] Thank you so much for playing a huge part in making 2015 so amazing and positive for so many people, and bringing warm and like-minded friends together. […] (November 2015)

[…] You have ALL done an amazing job with the studio in the past 6 months. I only wish I could have been a help form the beginning. […] Sincerely. (November 2015)

Thanks so much for making me feel so welcomed at my first event. (November 2015)

[…] thank you for last Thursday [Rope Jam], I had a fab time and I’ll definitely be back, not sure when that’ll be, but I will be back : ) (October 2015)

I wanted to say thank you for such a cool class tonight. D. learnt loads and I picked up a few nuances too which was ace. (October 2015)

[…] Loved the class tonight! Was amazing cause it felt like it is starting to click. Going to spend some of the weekend nailing it! Best to you both Fred and Anna! (October 2015)

Best venue for rope and related activities in London! (September 2015)

A friendly, welcoming and clean space for rope bondage. Positive vibes & lots of hugs! Loved it 🙂 (August 2015)

Bright & airy by day, snug & cozy at night. My favourite rope studio in the UK. The owners are very welcoming and the attendees are all friendly. Many suspension points, safety mats, ropes to borrow & buy as well as comfy areas for relaxing and free tea & coffee!!! This is fast becoming my second home. (July 2015)

Comfortable relaxed space with lots of natural light and a lovely mezzanine level with tea and coffee provided. Very welcoming positive energy I can’t wait to go back. (July 2015)

I cannot speak highly enough of the good work The Anatomie Studio is doing in the London Scene to produce a beautiful rope learning nest. (July 2015)