The people

Anatomie Studio is owned and managed by Anna Bones and her partner Fred Hatt, with a big helping hand from our volunteers – or more commonly known as ‘House Cats’! Meet the people that make Anatomie possible.

Anna Bones & Fred Hatt (Founders, Owners)

FredHatt and MissBones are academics, researchers and teachers by training so their approach and love for rope is very much driven by an intellectual curiosity to understand how rope works at its many levels: be in the technical aspects of how the rope (the material) is actually made, to understanding how to the creative process works and the ‘science’ behind the mechanics of the body. Overall, they lean towards a rather technical style of rope, with FredHatt‘s trademark subtle geekery complimenting MissBones playful bendiness.

img_6077 (1)They have been tying together since 2013 and regularly teach and perform both inside and outside the UK (BED, Shibaricamp, EURIX, BOUND, The Soap Box, TWISTED). They have also been organising rope events in London since 2014, first through ‘Pop-up Rope Events’ and more recently (since June 2015) through Anatomie Studio – the UK’s only full-time shibari studio.

As a couple MissBones and FredHatt regularly attend as many rope-workshops and conferences as possible. This enables them to stay in touch with the international community, while keeping up with all the latest developments. They have been fortunate enough to learn from many wonderful people, including: Kazami Ranki, Hajime Kinoko, Akira Naka, Miumi-U, Barkas, Kasumi Hourai, Ren Yagami, Wykd Dave and Pedro Cordas.

Their teaching style has been described as ’empowering’, ‘compassionate’ and ‘precise’.

Jessica Wabbitt (House cat)

Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 20.15.55JessicaWabbitt has learned from some exceptionally talented riggers over the past six years (such as Yukimura, Kitigawa, Akira Naka, Osada Steve, Arisue Go, Otonawa, Tsubasa, Pedro, Kazami & more). She has exceptional knowledge of what makes rope enjoyable, both technically and psychologically. When she is not tying or being tied, JessicaWabbitt helps to teach and organise events in London: she is the co-organiser of Hitchin’ Bitches London, and resident teacher at Anatomie Studio in London. Over the past two years she has also travelled abroad to Japan and Berlin to learn rope, and to various rope groups within the UK to teach rope (from bunny-focused workshops to rigging).


Sophia (House Cat)

Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 20.12.52Sophia is a friendly regular face at the studio who loves ropes, cats, spreading the love more rope and more cats! She has been doing rope since 2014 and has been an integral part of Anatomie’s blossoming and diverse community since the beginning. If you need any advice, have a question or just fancy a little chat she says she would love to try to help you best herself or recommend you someone who knows more! She feels most confident giving tips or advice for rope bottoms or people starting out with beginners rope and bondage for sex. Sophia regularly performs as a rope model both inside and outside the UK and is a seasoned rope bottom for workshops. Away from the studio she does a mixture of many things including rope modelling and erotic nude modelling. If you would like to work with Sophia or get private beginner rope tuition, you can contact her directly. Website | Instagram | Email


Noctuelle (House Cat)

Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 20.10.20Noctuelle has been part of the studio’s life since it open doors in 2015. As a former ballet dancer and current yoga addict, Noctuelle has phenomenal body awareness skills in ropes and suspension. Noctuelle’s background both in ballet and her profession as a jewellery designer influence her aesthetic approach to rope. She has been an Anatomie Studio regular since the start, and we look forward welcoming her as a House cat. Website | Instagram | Email



‘MnR’ (House Cat)

Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 20.05.32

My discovery of shibari quickly evolved into a love affair with ropes. I found a warm and welcome in the London rope community. I love learning and attend courses of study in the UK and abroad. People I have had lessons from include; Fred Hatt, Wykd Dave and Clover, Pedro Cordas, Kristina Marlen, Gestalta, Barkas, Soptik, Gorgone, Kazami, and Kinoko. Jessica Wabbit gets a special shout-out for much of my early development.  I have been a regular at Anatomie Studio since it opened and am very happy to be a resident “House Cat”. I am looking to work with; artists, photographers or anyone who is looking to use Shibari in creative projects. I am also available for performances and offer lessons to individuals and groups.

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‘Knot My Name’ (House Cat)

BScreen Shot 2017-09-16 at 13.22.32io coming soon.





‘Oceanschild’ (House Cat)

Bio coming soon.12095297_1488455248118089_4680429725933242543_o