The Studio

Welcome to Anatomie.

Anatomie is the ropey home of Anna Bones & Fred Hatt. 
It is the first and only shibari studio in the UK.

Here, Anna & Fred host regular events, which include weekly rope jams and regular shibari classes. The studio is also available for hire. We sell rope and other shibari gear. All ropes are hand treated by Anna Bones herself.

Anatomie is Anna & Fred’s workplace but also their home away from from, a big cozy living room where they do and teach rope, socialise and have fun with friends.

The studio is first and foremost a school and a place of learning for Japanese Rope Bondage / Shibari / Kinbaku. Anna & Fred put a great deal of thought and care into the classes and courses they teach, and the guest workshops they organise.

Information about classes and workshops are here.

You are welcome to share this space with them as guests and enjoy the atmosphere, events and classes they have created in here.

For the best experience, we recommend thinking of yourself as a guest participant of the space rather than a consumer.

As such we ask that:

• You please clean up after yourselves while in the studio.

• You please keep all nudity, play and rope inside the studio.

• You respect our culture of consent. Consent is hight valued here, so when in doubt ask and negotiate.

• You participate in our welcoming culture. Friendliness and inclusion are very important to us, so whenever possible please be kind to newcomers and make them feel included in the culture of the space.

• You respect our values and leave assumptions at the door. In here you are invited to practice tolerance, openness and acceptance. Importantly, we respect people’s pronouns, sexual orientations, practices, presentations and personal spaces.

Anna and Fred have several good friends who help them during rope jams and events, if you need assistance and if Anna Bones & Fred Hatt are not available, their friends can also help you. They’ll likely be wearing red wristbands around the studio.