Alibi by Empara Mi

Ellipsis Workshop (Rotterdam)

Video of Fred Hatt and Anna Bones giving a 2-day intensive workshop at the Ellipsis Rope Studio in Rotterdam, the Netherlands (March 2017).

Video by Rave.


Video by Nicolò Bagnati for Metal Magazine.
(January 2017)

‘The End: Death of a Sculture’

Removing the rope installation created for Fleet Ilya’s Pop-Up Exhibition.
(November 2016).

‘Dancing with Myself’

Dynamic shibari self-suspension by Anna Bones at Anatomie Studio.
(July 2015).

‘Bones and Rope Hip Harness’

Updated demo of the ‘Bones and Rope’ hip harness by Fred and Anna (October 2016).

Anatomie Studio Ropes used in “Corner Time”

Earlier in 2016 performer and artist Despina Zacharopoulou did a 324hrs long durational performance involving rope, chalk and other objects. And she used Anatomie Ropes for this piece.

Despina Zacharopoulou, “Corner time” a 324hrs long durational performance commissioned by the NEON Organization and The Marina Abramovic Institute (MAI).

Benaki Museum, Athens, Greece, 10/03/2016-24/04/2016.
Filmed by Tokomburu
Executive Producer Lilette Botasi
Production Coordinator Athanasia Michopoulou
Production Manager Dimitris Hatzivogiatzis
Music Michalis Moschoutis
Sound Yannis Antipas
Assistant Camera Panayotis Kravvaris


Despina Zacharopoulou
Royal College of Art

Artist/Performance/Costume/Video Editing: Despina Zacharopoulou
Ropes: Fred Hatt
Camera: Jeroen Van Dooren