Where do I start?

Q. I’m a newbie, where should I start? 

We’ve got you! Every Thursday we host a beginners Rope Jam where you can learn the basics and make friends for £10 per person (tea, coffee and ropes included). If you’re looking for structured classes, we have a semi-regular full weekend workshop called Discover Shibari, as well as a myriad of classes open to beginners and all levels – they are all listed here.

Q. I prefer getting tied to tying, how do I find a rigger?

Join us on Thursdays for our beginners’ Rope Jam where you can pair up with others wanting to learn to tie.

Q. How do I become an expert, quickly and safely? 

We can help. We have a set of 4 progressive courses that’ll take you from zero to suspensions and transitions. If the schedule doesn’t work for you, we also provide private one-on-one tuition.

Q. I’m flying solo, what’s the best way to start getting involved?

You don’t need a partner to join our Rope Jams. Some workshops have individual tickets on sale too. If you want to find a partner, come to a Rope Jam and get to know our community.

Q. How can I get involved on a budget?

Most of our evening classes are under £50 for two. Our Rope Jams cost as little as £8 per person: you can make friends, practice what you know and learn from other attendees.

Q. Can I take a class if I don’t meet the pre-requisites?

Some of our workshops are open to all levels, as are our Rope Jams. Please email us individually with a short explanation if you would like to take a class that you don’t meet the pre-requisites for. If you want to learn the pre-requisites for the advanced classes, you can for as a little as £45.

Q. Can I come to the studio just to watch? 

We have a monthly life-drawing evening called Drawn to Rope for the artistically-inclined and regular performance nights for the curious. You may also want to come to our Rope Jams to sit back and enjoy the view over a cup of tea; you are welcome to provided, of course, that you are respectful and courteous to others.

For a complete list of our events, check out our calendar over here.

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