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Welcome to London’s dedicated shibari venue

Operating since 2015, it is also the UK’s first full-time shibari educational space – offering a consent-focused venue for learning and practicing shibari – or Japanese Rope Art. We offer a modern and practical approach to shibari with an emphasis on partnership and connection.

Anatomie is home to a thriving network of shibari enthusiasts. Join us to discover what rope is all about!

Getting started

We run regular educational and practice sessions every week. The sessions are informal, relaxed and social. You’ll need to book a ticket and can join solo or with a partner or friend.

Want to buy rope for shibari? We are passionate about rope and our aim is to provide the highest quality jute ropes.

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This is a lovely inclusive space that welcomes anyone from any walk of life. The owners and staff are some of the friendlies people I have met in my life. During jams everyone feels comfortable and welcome and enjoys using the space how they please to further their rope journey. They taught me everything I know about rope and gave me the skill and knowledge to move forward in my journey. They are great teachers and have an amazing style and the patience to teach anyone!

– HY

Fred and Anna have created the most welcoming, inclusive and positive space for rope I’ve ever attended. I’ve attended four of their workshops and countless Jams, going all the way from the TK course up to Airtime. They’ve been informative, challenging and most of all fun! I used to think suspension was something I’d never be good enough to do, but thanks to Anatomie my confidence and skills have increased so much. On top of all this I’ve met some amazing people. Anatomie is far more than just a studio, it really is a community.

– Tom (he/him)


Anna and Fred have built a wonderful community and venue at Anatomie. I’ve enjoyed jams and guest workshops and love the space and approach.

– Becsposhfingers (she/her)

Anna and the team at Anatomie have created a space which offers a lovely blend of peace, fun and excitement. The classes are well paced with plenty of time for beginners and a faster pace in more advanced classes so you learn more. There is always plenty of support for your learning and to assist with anything you get stuck on. Anna and Fred’s in-depth knowledge and extensive experience ensure you always get the most from classes.

– Steve


Both Fred and Anna are great instructors – this goes for both their in-person and on-line classes. I have attended their 3 stage weekend classes – they were great in acquiring the skills in an informaive and enjoyable way. The studio has a really friendly atmosphere that makes their evening jams (Tuesday and Thursday) a lot of fun. When the studio opens will travel down from Lancashire to attend (afternoons). I highly recommend the studio for both classes and rope jams.

– Chris (he/him)

The Anatomie studio is a fantastic, well kitted out space for rope play. The whole team is super knowledgeable, and host very engaging training.

– Roryropes (he/him)


I had the great chance to start my shibari journey at Anatomie Studio with Anna & Fred. I became quickly addicted by the atmosphere of the venue (safe, cosy and intimate) but also by the quality of the teaching that is outstanding (and I’m very picky with that). I, since, attended rope jams, classes (online and IRL) and each time the pleasure is there. I definitely recommend.

– Dryss (he/him)

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Find Us

We are located in a railway arch. 
Arch 113 / Unit 17 Station Passage SE15 2JR
When exiting the station at Queens Road Station, use the exit on your right, then turn right again into Station Passage.

Closest train stations: Queens Road Peckham (2 mins walking distance).
Other close stations: Peckham Rye and New Cross Gate (10-15mins walk away or 5 min bus ride: get off at ‘Queens Road Peckham’ stop).

Free street parking is available in adjacent streets.

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