Back to School! Fall in love with rope with us this Autumn…

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Back to School!

Fall in love with rope with us this Autumn! 

We offer a welcoming, inclusive and relaxed atmosphere with dedicated and passionate instructors. Whether you are solo, on a budget, have no experience or are simply curious about what it’s all about, we have a range of events and classes to suit you.

Start your journey with us on a Thursday during our beginners evenings, and discover the ropes in a social and relaxed environment where you can make friends and learn.

We also offer a range of workshops for those who wish to progress onto more advanced techniques. Join our foundation courses (there is a t0tal of 4) and progress from the very basics all the way up to dynamic suspensions and transitions.

Come be a part of our healthy and thriving community of shibari enthusiasts!


July: Anna Bones re-opens Private Tuition

Starting July 2, our studio owner Anna will be offering private rope tuition again. She will be available for private lessons on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 2-5pm. Please note that for most topics it will be necessary to have a model to practice on.

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Prices for private tuition are as follows:

2-4pm: £110

2-5pm: £150

Please email to book a private lesson.

Etiquette & Consent practices at Anatomie

etiquette frontetiquette back

1 – Giving Space

When people are tying, whether solo or with others, give them plenty of space for their ‘scene.’ If you would like to watch, keep to a reasonable distance and be unintrusive. In particular do not interrupt a scene to ask questions, touch people or their equipment (rope included).

2 – Touching

Give and receive enthusiastic, active consent for activities and any kind of touching. We call these conversations ‘negotiation’.

Here are some tips:

– Both parties must be informed of the activity’s risks before consenting
– Ask what is okay and not okay
– Clearly state what you like and dislike
– When in doubt, don’t do the thing
– Respect “no” (“no” is a complete sentence). Silence is not consent, freezing is not consent.
– Mixed messages mean “no.”

3 – Using the Suspension Points

Use of the points is reserved for experienced people. If you see people suspending, they have very likely completed our courses or have received tuition here or elsewhere. Suspension is edge play. It is risky. Do not endanger yourself or others by suspending before you are ready. Respect when the owners or staff ask you to stop suspending. Come ask us about classes if you’d like to learn!

Consent practices in the studio

Consent is clear, communicated, enthusiastic, the initiator’s responsibility and can be renegotiated or withheld at any time.

This means listening to each other, respecting each other and being mindful of all our interactions. Practicing consent is an important step in creating a culture we want to live in; a culture in which people are respected and have the autonomy to decide what is best for them.

We support and encourage folks to explore rope in safe, exciting, consensual ways. While doing this it is incredibly important to discuss safety, boundaries and care. Everyone deserves boundaries and safety when and if they choose to engage in rope. Your first partner is you. Knowing and exploring our boundaries is a lifelong conversation with ourselves.

>> Consent C.A.R.E.S. <<

No one is responsible for fulfilling our wants but ourselves. Wants consist of the things that we enjoy doing and give us pleasure (in the broadest sense of the word). While it can be exciting and empowering to share these things with others, other people are never responsible for fulfilling your wants.

Cannot be held to a pre­determined agreement

Consent is not a contract; people can change their minds.

Agreement that is mutually communicated

Listen and pay attention to words, feelings, and context. Respect indecision (it is not a yes). Mixed messages mean “no.”

Responsibility of the initiator

The person wishing to initiate an act or change an act is responsible for initiating the conversation about consent. This might include initiating a rope scene, touching different body parts, or transitioning from tying to touching.


Is your partner enthusiastic verbally and physically? Check in. If you have doubts, don’t proceed.

Step-by-step (ongoing)

Especially when transitioning from one activity to another, consent can be renegotiated or withheld at any time. Check in every step of the way.

January 2019 Update

We are delighted to announce that Fuoco is back in town for her annual February visit and she will be teaching 3 short evening classes on rope bottoming! Most of the classes are suitable for newbies as well as all levels. And some do not require a partner at all!

For information on class content, dates, prices and to book tickets, please see below!

* * *

Your Body In Ropes – With Fuoco (body awareness for rope)  – ticket link here.

Vetting Your Rigger – With Fuoco – ticket link here.

fuoco 3 - 2019

Listen Up: Exploring communication in rope for better rope scenes – ticket here.

fuoco 2 - 2019

Need rope? ShibariStore is discontinuing its limited edition rope kits! Gets yours before July 16th!

ShibariStore is going on a little vacation soon so our limited edition rope kits will disappear July 16th!


‘Play With Me’
2 OR 4 Anatomie Ropes
1 Miumi-U Teaches Shibari Book
1 safety shears
£38 / £65


‘Anatomie Kit’
2 Anatomie Rope
1 Tote bag
1 safety shears


‘Keeping it Simple’
2 Anatomie Ropes
1 tenugui fabric

Some of our fabrics will also disappear, so if you like what you see at the moment, get on it or it might be too late!

Summer Shibari Showcase 2018 – performance night for first time shibari performers!

Thank you all who joined us last Friday for our Summer Shibari Showcase evening featuring 1st time performers! All the shows were incredible, showcasing a variety of dynamics, tying flavours and techniques from all over the UK (from Edinburgh to Brighton!).

Thank you so much for making this yet another memorable and emotional night!

QuartzQunt & GaelleGote

Genktastic & Illume

AviRope & Becsposhfingers

TrojanPrincess & Dragonbab

MissEmphasis & KnotCreature

Fun facts! … About our custom steel trussing!

Here’s a little fun fact about our trussing: the trussing is composed of 3 arches connected by 8 additional trusses. The structure’s design was a collaborative effort by us, the trussing company and our friend Conor Scully.

It is a custom structure, made to fit perfectly along the curvature of the space while avoiding touching the walls. It is powder coated in a black mat finish.

The structure is designed to support 6 dynamic aerial circus acts simultaneously.
We hired a structural engineer company to work with the trussing company to finalise the design based on our needs. At its highest point the structure measures around 4.8 meters.

The structure is fully signed off by engineers and insured. (And yes… it cost us a fortune). The structure is technically ‘permanent’ but can be dismounted and transported.

We chatted to numerous circus performers about their industry standards regarding loading requirements. Using circus as a standard means we went well above and beyond in terms of safety for what we use in shibari and this opens the door for circus artists to use the space/hire the space.

It also means we are able to insure the space and the structure in ways we would never be able to with wood.

Additionally our black straps are rated for circus loads meaning they each support 4t (and 1.6t in the larks head configuration).