NEW: Limited Edition rope kits! Get them while offer lasts…

Meet our two latest Limited Edition Rope Kits! They will be available for the next month and then… gone!

Each kit is priced at £39.90 (otherwise would cost £47!)

The ‘Anatomie Kit’ includes 2 ropes, a tote bag and shears, and our ‘Keeping it Simple’ kit includes 2 ropes, 1 blindfold and shears 

Perfect for presents!

Want to know what other rope bundles and deals we offer? See here!

Visit our shop at:

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‘Keeping it Simple’ Rope Kit £39.90 | Buy here
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Anatomie Rope Kit £39.90 |Buy here

Rope Talk: Shibari Hardware or ‘when the rope breaks’

This Saturday we have our first #RopeTalk of the year and since there has been lots of interesting conversations in the studio about rope strength and rope breaks, we thought we would make this the topic of our talk 🙂
We have put together interesting and relevant research on the matter that we would love to share. It will be a fairly interactive session, and with plenty of opportunity for sharing and discussing. We would also encourage rope bottoms to attend, as being able to asses your riggers’ ropes is a worth while skill!
The talk takes place from 2-3pm (it is FREE) and afterwards you are welcome to stay on for The Big Jam from 3-11pm (£12 for the day or £7 after 7pm).
See you soon!

Event listing here.



Shibari Store is open for shopping!

Hello Anatomites!

Our shop is once again open after an extended Holiday break and we are back with a new look.

For this year we have introduced gift cards to make gift giving a little more exciting in 2017.

January Sale!

Until January 31st enjoy 10% off on all products by typing in the code ‘JANUARYSALE’ when checking out!

Happy shopping!

Treating and caring for your shibari ropes

We’ve written a couple of blog posts over on our online store about rope treatment, rope care and how to choose the oils and waxes for your ropes. These are based on the most frequent questions we get about this in the studio and online.

We’ll be writing about ropes and other shibari related materials and equipment on our blog, so take a peek if you’re a rope geek like us!


Ropework at Senate House

A couple of weeks ago we were asked to do a small rope installation at Senate House (UCL) for Isobel Williams‘s new exhibition called “The Body of Law“. Pink legal tape was woven into a minimalistic rope pattern that frames the artwork. This was particularly challenging as the rope is secured to plastic hooks that are glued onto the stone walls – an interesting exercise in tension!

You can read all about her exhibition at Senate House in this blog piece.

Isobel enjoys drawing movement, and often draws in the public seats such as in the UK Supreme Court and the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, and she records her impressions on her blog

Isobel can also sometimes be found at various shibari events in London drawing the fast paced performances (often in dimly lit environments) where her nimble and agile pen catches not only the performers bodies but also their emotions and expressions on stage with an incredible likeness.

You can watch her explain her interest in shibari and shibari performances in a short clip for National Geographic TV over here.

Learn how to treat and maintain your ropes!

We are running a practical hands-on evening class on how to treat rope next week! We get so many questions in the studio about rope treatment and rope care, so why not come find out all about it in a fun and informative class?

Rope Treatment 101 (description & details)

Ever wondered why some people’s ropes feel nicer than your own? Desperate to get rid of that petrol smell? Or just curious about what this jute rope stuff is that you’re tying with? In this class I’ll be showing you how to take so-called “raw” or unprocessed jute ropes and make them suitable for use on your partner!

We will cover:

• Jute rope terms/types (tossa, asanawa, single and double ply), and the advantages of each
• What creates the unpleasant petrochemical smell, and how to get rid of it safely
• Different choices for oils (tsubaki, horse, jojoba etc) and beeswax to put on rope, and what they do
• Treatment choices (boiling, baking, steaming, singeing, ‘binering’ etc)
• How to maintain and upkeep your ropes (hanking, hanging, how to store rope, how to deal/fix high stranding etc)

This class is very hands-on: everyone will treat one piece of jute rope under guidance (one 4m length will be provided to you), from steaming the rope, removing the fuzzies on a gas stove, through to oiling and waxing. You’ll also get an extra 4m length piece of rope to experiment with on your own time.

Event listing here.

We now sell rope!

We are very pleased to announce that we are now selling rope in-house!

We currently have two types of rope:

* Corda rustica: a 2-ply 6mm jute rope (£9.90/length, treated). C. rustica is a robust and resilient 2-ply rope, perfect for complete beginners.

* Corda candida: a single ply 6mm jute rope (£11.90/length, treated). C. candida is a silky, light, fast single ply rope, suitable for those who like beautiful ropes that require a little love.

All our ropes come in 7.5 meter lengths.

You can take a look and have a feel for the rope when you come over to the studio, and we can help you choose the right ropes for you!

Rope against red background