Should we Use Safe Words in Shibari?

Traditionally, safe words are used to slow down or pause play. This works pretty well for the most part. Popular safe words are words that aren’t often used in play (such as “pineapple”, although no shame to those of you who do incorporate pineapples into your play) or graded systems, like numerical scales or traffic lights.

Introducing The Wheel of Consent: When “Hell yes!” and “No way,” just aren’t enough.

However well we align with our partners, it’s unlikely that we are able to say an enthusiastic, “Hell yes!” to every single thing they enjoy, every single time they want to do it. Enter: The Wheel of Consent.

Feel the fear and do it anyway: advice for people over 40 (from people over 40) in the kink scene

Navigating the kink scene is generally a great mix of exciting and daunting. If you’re discovering your kinky side when you’re no longer a 20- or 30-something, though, there is a unique set of challenges that you might face. Here is our advice for people over 40 (from people over 40) on how to navigate the kink scene. 

How to Approach your First Kink Event if you are Flying Solo

Going to your first kink event can be pretty  intimidating, but what if you’re planning on going alone? Potentially even more nail-biting. We’ve been there, so here are our top tips for making the most of your first time, especially if you’re flying solo.

Consent, Power Exchange, and the Myth of “Just Say No”

A lot of folx in the kink scene enjoy playing with Power Exchange in their scenes. These can be an empowering and positive vehicle for exploring vulnerability and trust within mutually consenting partnerships.  But are you fetishising implicit power imbalances? Or are you attracted to freely given and explicitly negotiated exchanges of power?  The internetContinue reading “Consent, Power Exchange, and the Myth of “Just Say No””