Classes & Workshops

For our online livestream classes, see here.

Some in-person classes are running with restrictions due to Covid-19. Please check individual class links for details.

We offer a welcoming, inclusive and relaxed atmosphere with dedicated and passionate instructors. Whether you are solo, on a budget, have no experience or are simply curious about what it’s all about, we have a range of events and classes to suit you.

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Discover Shibari

A 4 part foundational course series that will take you from complete beginner to full suspensions and transitions in the air. Courses usually take place on weekends and you can book into them as a partnership or solo.

Evening Classes

Meet the pre-requisites for more advanced classes in our evening classes and courses. These are open to beginners and all levels, and you can join as a partnership or as a solo attendee.

Guest Teacher Workshops

Learn from quality international teachers on a variety of specialised topics. Some are open to all levels and some are for advanced students only. sdjhgjfgSDHBDAHBJAG

Kink classes

Although we are first and foremost a Shibari studio, we also occasionally host workshops on non-rope related kink & BDSM topics (i.e.: power exchange, impact, S&M, touch and intimacy, etc). They are usually open to all levels and can be lecture based, demo based or practical. For details on upcoming such classes, see below.

Special Events

Aside from our rope jams, which are also social events, we occasionally host special events that aren’t orientated towards rope practice or learning. These include rope games nights, our annual showcase (performance event), and our semi-regular play party. For information please see below.

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