Upcoming workshops: floor work, hands free chest harnesses, bottoming 101, and intro to suspension… coming in September!

It’s a complete ‘back to school’ month for us at Anatomie! Take advantage of our workshops catering to a variety of levels and interests. Our full list of workshops coming in September can be found below, some have pre-requisites, some don’t, some are suitable for folks coming on their own, some require a partnership. Check it out!

Click on the photos to read the full descriptions and pre-requites!

Intro to suspension

Discover the pleasure of air time in this weekend intensive with studio owners Fred and Anna! Tickets here.

Fly! - 2018 - NEW

Rope bottoming

Come take advantage of our many years of experience bottoming in rope and gain the tools, vocabulary and confidence to have amazing rope experiences. Tickets here.

So you want to get tied?

Special Workshops (with guest presenters)

Our special workshops (by guest presenters) are very popular and sometimes tickets sell out within minutes so if you’re not on the mailing list you risk not being able to get a ticket. If you wish to be added to our mailing list send us an email to anatomie.studio@gmail.com with the subject header ‘Subscribe’.

Upcoming workshops:

Weekend Intensive with FredRx  – tickets here.

FredRx 2018 copy

Hands Up! Hands free chest harnesses for suspension with Anna Bones – tickets here.

Hands Up! Anna Bones 2018

“Floored” exploring floor work with Anatomie’s own MnR and GoddessInRope – tickets here.

MnR 2018


NEW! Coloured ropes now available!

Our coloured ropes are now available to purchase online at www.shibaristore.com!

They come in red, pink, purple and black (7.5meters, 6mm thick, jute, source: Ogawa, and we are selling them raw).

Single lengths (£14): https://shibaristore.com/products/coloured-rope-new

Rope reels (£125): https://shibaristore.com/products/rope-reels

To treat the ropes, we recommend a bit of paste and oil, which is also available here:


For questions, feel free to email us at anatomie.studio@gmail.com.



Guest presenter shibari workshops January – March 2018

Plan your year! Details and tickets will be announced in the coming months, if you want to receive notofications of ticket releases, subscribe to out mailing list by emailing ‘Subcribe’ to anatomie.studio@gmail.com.

Here’s some dates for the calendar so you can start planning your year!

We will offer workshops for all levels as well as for the more advanced crowd with each of these presenters. Stay tuned for full details of workshop programs, exact times, pre-requisites and prices!

Event listings will be added in the next month, but for now, note these in your diaries!

Guest: Fuoco (USA)

Bottoming workshop with Fuoco (February 18 1-7pm)

Community Class: ‘Flexibility for Dummies’ (February 21, 7-10:30pm)


Guest: Kristina Marlen (Berlin)

Going Deeper with Kristina Marlen (February 24-25 1-7pm)


Guest: Barkas & Addie (Canada)

Workshop with Barkas & Addie (March 24-25-26 1-7pm)


Fly! Intro to Suspension : Learn the art of shibari suspension with Fred Hatt & Anna Bones!

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 16.07.59

Want to learn the art of shibari suspensions from one of the best in Europe?
Join us in August!

Studio owners Fred and Anna have been tying together since 2013 and regularly teach & perform inside and outside the UK.

Their foundational classes at Anatomie Studio are unparalleled in terms of the depth, detail and technical information offered. Their classes focus as much on the ‘how’ as well as the ‘why’ behind everything they do in rope. Fred and Anna work as a team so their classes have as much information for riggers as they do for rope bottoms.

Their teaching style has been described as compassionate, approachable, extremely detailed and bottom aware.

For more information about Fred and Anna see their website here:

For more details about the workshop’s program including pre-requisites please see our Facebook listing here.

To book onto this weekend workshop, it’s right over here.
For a complete list of all our workshops, see here.

A L C H E M I E // Welcoming guest performer HEDWIG (Sweden)

“There is no document of civilisation that is not a document of barbarism and there is no beach that is not also a graveyard.”

Hedwig July 14th

On July 14th we welcome the inspiring Hedwig (Sweden) to our stage. Together with Sophia, they will exploring themes of human powerlessness, inaction and apathy through the medium of rope.

About Hedwig

Hedwig is a queer feminist, poly, switch femme, born and raised in Sweden. She moved to London in 2007, returned to Sweden in 2012.

Hedwig is passionate about communication, rope bondage, safer sex and consent culture, about redressing notions of power, physical sensations, vulnerability, dominance and submission, gender and communities working together. She hopes to bring rope bondage to a larger audience as a way to gain more body awareness, work on interpersonal communication and offer different routes to pleasure and surrender.

As an educator, she focus on the mutual experience, embracing a inclusive and open atmosphere where the topics at hand are approached both with respect as well as a sense of humour.

As a performer, she invites the audience to become a part of a story that might question some of that which we take for granted, such as what is considered to be beautiful, or the powerful structures in our societies that affect our everyday lives.

Hedwig is a former member of the crew of Peer Rope London, current member of the crew of Peer Rope Malmö, and founding member and grand poobah of Hitchin’ Bitches. Hitchin’ Bitches is an international network for female identified riggers and rope tops with over 40 chapters over the world.

In 2011Hedwig wrote her undergraduate thesis on Shibari, and is currently pursuing an academic career, while being active as a sex educator, activist and generally being a pain in the butt of patriarchy.

Website: http://senseshibari.com/about/hedwig/

About Sophia

Sophia is a London based shibari model and cat mama. Lover of open minds, equality and freedom of expression, Sophia is an active member of the London rope community as an education, performer and Anatomie Studio helping house cat.

Website: https://sophiaroserope.wordpress.com/

Next event: Friday July 14 2017 | Event listing here | Ticket link here

A L C H E M I E // The Revolution

They say politics and rope don’t mix… so we’re mixing them…


Anna Noctuelle and MnR present…

‘Sacrificing of Europa’

In this piece Anna Noctuelle and MnR give voice to their feelings concerning Brexit and the recent political developments in Europe and the world by making their ropes political for this charged and highly topical performance.

Next event: Friday July 14 2017 | Event listing here | Ticket link here

About the performers:

Anna Noctuelle discovered Shibari over a decade ago and her background in classical dance influences her approach as a rope performer. She regards Shibari as a complete art form and is passionate about rope modelling – in fact she belongs to the endangered species of people who don’t switch… just yet. As a former ballet dancer and current yoga addict, Noctuelle has got phenomenal body awareness skills and has recently started sharing and teaching her insights from inside the ropes.

MnR first discovered shibari in 2014 and this quickly evolved into a love affair with ropes. MnR found a special place in the warm and welcoming London rope community. He loves learning, practicing and connecting with people and attends many rope workshops in the studio and also abroad. He has been a regular at Anatomie Studio since it opened and quickly became an essential member of the studio.

Pay-what-you-can Community Class this Friday June 23rd!

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 11.19.55

Our next community class is happening this Friday!

This month we will be covering how to build diamond patterns​ (or ‘hishi’ patterns) using three different rope techniques. We will learn about technical details, but also aesthetics as well as the sensations and feelings that we can create with diamond patterns. Anna Bones will be leading the class. Knowledge of a single column tie is highly desirable.

Reserve your spot here (for free) and pay on the day in cash at the end of the class. We suggest a minimum donation of £10 per person, please give what feels right within your budget.

At Anatomie Studio we strive to bring you the best shibari classes with the very best shibari teachers we know, and although the workshops can be pricey, we think they’re well worth the investment, especially considering rope can be a high risk activity!

However, not everyone is able to afford our classes, and being committed to the dissemination of rope education as we are in the studio, we wanted to offer everyone the possibility to learn within their budgets in the new year.

For this reason, in 2017 we are introducing semi-regular ‘Pay-What-You-Can’ community shibari classes by our in-house teachers. The classes will follow an informal structure, providing a mix of tutoring and peer lab time.